Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Free Watch offer!!

To match the Jodiefied bangles sets that have been out on sale for a while now, I have created some super cute necklaces and watches in the same sets of colours.

For the next 2 weeks only, I am giving away a free matching watch (worth 75L!) with every necklace bought, even the colour change version!

Each necklace set comes with a bead necklace and choker, with each set costing 200L, and a colour change version with colour change HUD for only 500L, which allows you to customise your necklaces to any of your outfits!

If you don't want to buy the necklaces, you can still get a watch for only 75L, with colour change version at 250L. The watch is scripted so it actually runs along with Second Life time!

Of course you can still get the bangles also, 50L per bangle, or 200L for the colour change version.

Dont miss out on the chance to get a whole jewellery set for just 250L!!

Come get them!


Luv n Lollipops
Jodie Greenwood

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