Saturday, 26 September 2009

Birthstone Flower Jewellery Sets

Hello Shopaholics,

New birthstone flower jewellery sets from Jodiefied Designs!

Only 250L per set, and transferable! They will make perfect rezday gifts for your friends and family!

Here are a few examples:

Catch the link to my store on the lefthand side, or go to my xstreetsl page to buy!

Love n jelly beans
Jodie <3

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Mega release time and 1L Rainbow Beads!

Hello Dearies,

I have lots of lovely releases for you today!

Jodiefied Designs Mainstore


Firstly 1L Rainbow Beads:

Dollarbie Time!!

I have something similar in RL, and thought they would look really cool in SL, so I made some, and because I love you all so much, they're only 1L, so come and get them! Hope you like!


Coffee Shop Goodies!!

My Partner manages AICR Island (for the Assocication for International Cancer Research), and is in the process of building a cute little coffee shop on the island, so people can hang out and also as somewhere we can hold events to raise money for cancer research.

So in the theme of coffee shops and sweet treats I made some cute necklaces that will only be sold in the shop. There are 3 necklaces available, and if you go to the LM and pay the vendor 20L, you will receive a random necklace, which are transferable so you can give to/trade with your friends!

AICR Coffee Shop

The island also has beautiful villas for rent at great prices, so please check it out and help us raise money to fight cancer! :))


Lace Tank Dresses!!

Cute Dress with beautiful colours designed to brighten anyone up on a bad day! Each Dress only costs 99L!! So you can still do funky on a budget! Many more colours available in store!

Multipack of all 20 dresses only 1499L


Jodiefied Pumps!!

Personally sculpted and textured by Jodie Greenwood, these adorable pumps are the first shoes available at Jodiefied Designs. If you ever make up an outfit and don't have the right colour shoes to go with it, get yourself over here and buy the perfect pair! Over 15 colours are currently available, with more to be added over time (and by request!), and a bargain at only 49L a pair!

Multipack of all 15 pairs is selling at 699L


Luv 'n' Donuts

Jodie xx

Thursday, 21 May 2009

New Skirts and Eyes!

Hey Fashionistas

I have some beautiful eyes for sale; with spherical, heart and star shaped pupils!

Multipacks are 299L, individual eyes only 49L!

12 colours available in store, and also on XstreetSL

Also, I created a vendor that gives you a random lacy skirt when you pay it 20L, 20 skirts to get, and they are transferable so you can give to or trade with your friends!

See the links down the right hand side!

Love and Squishy things,
Jodie xx

Friday, 24 April 2009

Custom Name Necklaces!

Hey Reader!

I have some seriously adorable candy cutie name necklaces released today!

For only 199L there is a necklace with your name on it (literally!) *giggles*

Come and buy now!

Love n lollipops
Jodie xxx

Sunday, 29 March 2009

New Hair - Julia

Hey Lovely Readers!

I have a seriously cute new short hair style out called Julia

Available in over 100 colours, with a ginormous fatpack of all of the colours costing only 1000L, thats like 10L a hairpiece! and with other packs being available so you can choose your favourite colours, it's definitely something not to be missed!

Prices start from 75L


What are you waiting for? Go Go Go!!

Luv n Lollipops
Jodie xx

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Free Watch offer!!

To match the Jodiefied bangles sets that have been out on sale for a while now, I have created some super cute necklaces and watches in the same sets of colours.

For the next 2 weeks only, I am giving away a free matching watch (worth 75L!) with every necklace bought, even the colour change version!

Each necklace set comes with a bead necklace and choker, with each set costing 200L, and a colour change version with colour change HUD for only 500L, which allows you to customise your necklaces to any of your outfits!

If you don't want to buy the necklaces, you can still get a watch for only 75L, with colour change version at 250L. The watch is scripted so it actually runs along with Second Life time!

Of course you can still get the bangles also, 50L per bangle, or 200L for the colour change version.

Dont miss out on the chance to get a whole jewellery set for just 250L!!

Come get them!


Luv n Lollipops
Jodie Greenwood

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gemmies Jewellery Sets

Hey lovely readers!

My latest creations are these beautiful gem necklace and earring sets; handcrafted with great attention and detail by my own fair mouse!

Each set is 350L for a necklace (chest and spine attach versions so you can still wear with your clothes collars!), and a set of earrings.

Here are a few examples:

Please visit my store to see the whole selection available.

No fatpack is currently out for sale, but I will sell a box of all 14 sets for 3500L, IM me if you wish to arrange.


Jodie xx