Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gemmies Jewellery Sets

Hey lovely readers!

My latest creations are these beautiful gem necklace and earring sets; handcrafted with great attention and detail by my own fair mouse!

Each set is 350L for a necklace (chest and spine attach versions so you can still wear with your clothes collars!), and a set of earrings.

Here are a few examples:

Please visit my store to see the whole selection available.

No fatpack is currently out for sale, but I will sell a box of all 14 sets for 3500L, IM me if you wish to arrange.


Jodie xx

Jodiefied Bangles

A girl can never have too many bangles, so introducing the new Jodiefied Bangles in many fruit flavours to make your mouth water!

You can purchase an individual bangle for 50L, or if you want to create your own fruit combinations, for 200L you can have a colourchange set complete with a colourchange HUD.

There are also some free bangles out in my store, so pop over and pick them up!


Jodie xx

New Hair - Addison

Addison - Cute, girlie pigtails perfect for any outfit! Available in various colours either on XstreetSL or in my store (Links on the right hand side of the page)

Set Prices vary between 75L and 1000L depending on the size of the pack, contact me if you would like a different selection that is not available already.

Jodie x

Welcome to my Blog!


Welcome to the blog for Jodiefied Designs.

I currently sell Jewellery and Hair, and more in the future!

Please keep reading, and I hope you enjoy my items!

Jodie! xx